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Welcome to Netrayu Hospital an Eye Care & Research Centre in Ayurveda



 Netrayu Hospital offers Ayurvedic treatment for Eye Diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy & Retinal Diseases, Uveitis, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration (Dry / Wet), Dry Eye Syndrome, Progressive Myopia, High Myopic Degeneration by using External & Internal Ayurvedic Medicine for NETRA KARMA and PANCHAKARMA Therapy.

 With Traditional Ayurvedic NETRA KARMA and PANCHAKARMA Therapy, Netrayu Hospital is able to cure the diseases with our Expert Knowledge and Experiences of Last 20 years by various Ayurvedic Formulations and Treatment with gratitude and contentment of our all staff.

 Before starting treatment on patients we records patients History, family History, Drugs reaction History, current problems which helps us in planning the proper treatment of the patient. After History taking, we check up the patient's eye in our Advance Eye Lab using internationally recognized advance machines. We have Visual Field Analyser, Topography (Keratography), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Digital Retinal Photography, Non Contact Tonometer Machine, Advance Vision Tester Machine, Auto Refractor Keratometer, Slit Lamp, A Scan Sonography, Lensometer Machine in our Lab. Patients are treated on proper time with proper treatment, guidance and Pathya (Do & Don'ts).

 The Panchkarma Staff (Ladies & Gents) of Netrayu Hospital are expert in Specialized NETRA KARMA and PANCHAKARMA treatment with Ayurvedic Oils, Medicines specially prepares at our end & Consultation for Spiritual things. All Ayurvedic Herbs are collected by our Expert Doctors.

 Ayurvedic Treatment heals The Body & the Mind and brings the complete harmony in the patient’s life. Thus, Ayurvedic Therapy with the help of diets, massages, herbs, meditations and special treatments brings health and balance back in the body and life.

 We also offers Cataract Surgery by Phaco Machine using Alcon Laureate Machine (U.S.A.) (2.2 & 2.8 mm), Stitch less Cataract Surgery (SICS) & All other eye surgeries.

 Thus, Netrayu Hospital provides not just treatments but a means to have a knowledge about life with a focus on holistic healing of the body, the mind.

Why Choose Us

“Your Vision Needs Analysis”

  1. We are pioneers in Eye Treatment through Ayurvedic Medicine & Netra Karma and have been doing it for more than 20 years and got excellent results. (See Successful Stories)
  2. Ayurvedic Treatment in Diabetic Retinopathy & Retinal Diseases
  3. Ayurvedic Treatment for other’s also.
  4. i) Uveitis, ii) Allergic Conjunctivitis, iii) Glaucoma, iv) ARMD (Dry/Wet), v) Dry Eye Syndrome, vi) Progressive Myopia, vii) High Myopic Degeneration.
  5. We are well equipped for Eye surgery also
    i) Phaco Surgery by Alcon Laureate Machine (U.S.A.) 2.2 & 2.8 mm,
    ii) Stitchless Cataract Surgery (SICS), iii) All other eye surgeries.
  6. Wide Variety of options for Eye Treatment & Other Disease through Panchakarma & Netra Karma
  7. Reasonable and affordable in expenses
  8. Our clinic has been successfully doing Panchakarma treatment with emphasis on individual needs and deeper understanding to the essence of this treatment, the doctors are present in each treatment giving personal attention to their patients.
  9. Complete Ayurvedic Hospital & Ayurvedic Pharmacy.
  10. World Class Technology for Eye Check up & to diagnose the problem.
  11. Maintain Electronic Medical Records, Minimum Waiting Period, try our best to cure the patient.
Netrayu Hospital is the best and well known Ayurvedic Hospital for Eye in Jalgaon District. 

Vision & Mission

Strive Eye Care Services through Ayurvedic Treatment for National and International Level

Our Vision

Our Vision

 Netrayu Hospital is going to undertake exhaustive research in the field of ophthalmology and Ayurved which will be a unique effort to standardize Ayurvedic Eye Treatment on National as well as on International levels.

 We aim to be pioneering in Eye Care Services through Ayurvedic Treatment and continuous up gradation and use of Advance Technology to provide excellent and professional services under one roof and spreading knowledge and benefit of Ayurveda through Education and Training.
Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide Quality Eye Care Treatment by Ayurvedic Medicine & Netra Karma (Chikitsa) under one roof.
  • To Adopt Ayurveda, World Class Latest Technologies, Techniques and Ethical practice in Ophthalmology.
  • To set up dedicated team of highly competent, skilled and committed professionals, maintain highest level of safety and ethical approach in a patient centric environment.


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We are the only hospital with Eye care through Ayurveda in India

You will find a variety of treatments and consultancy to meet your specific needs